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Update and plans for 2020

TLDR; Upgrading to WordPress 5 broke some stuff and I decided to use that opportunity to change some things more to my liking.

In 2019, the progress of this blog came pretty much to a complete stop. Let me explain why.

I spent most of the past year in the army. Service is mandatory in Switzerland and they wanted me to not only be a soldier, but a sergeant. This wasn’t the only issue though. When I returned from the army to my company, they fired me for financial reasons. Due to that, I spent the remaining 2 months looking for a new job. In short, I found a new job at a company with even more benefits, better wage and a great team. But enough of the excuses, let’s talk about the future.

I have started to a migration project concerning this blog, and that may be bigger than I first expected. When I switched to WordPress 5, most of the posts became obsolete due to the new block editor. After some testing and thinking, I also decided to swap out GitHub gists for the code “hosting” for a WP plugin which makes it easier for me to write and edit posts because I actually see the code instead of a link (which fails to preview if you have multiple of such blocks in a post). Additionally, I created a custom block for linking to the source for more customization and the new classic editor seems to don’t like shortcodes and breaks them.

I’m still in the middle of this process, and might take some days until it’s done (Status on 2020-03-04 17:45 UTC: 100% done). I also have set some personal goals concerning the blog (for example, I have a huge backlog of bookmarks and OneNote notes which I want to merge in this blog).

I’ll try to make 2020 a better year in blog terms, and I’m confident that I can fulfil that.

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