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My tech

My current tech stack is composed of the following (updated from time to time):

PC’s & Notebooks

  • My self-built gaming PC called “War Machine” (named after the Marvel character). Running Ubuntu, since Windows… is Windows (also I don’t like the telemetry stuff)
    • CPU: Intel i7-8700K (6 cores @ 3.7GHz) Overclocked to about 4.0 GHz
    • RAM: 4 x Hyper-X Fury 8GB DDR4-2133 (32GB in total)
    • GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti DUAL A11G
    • SSD: Samsung 970 PRO M.2 512GB
    • SSD 2: Samsung 840 EVO, SATA III 1000GB (The only part in this Rig that is the same since the start)
  • My gaming Notebook, a Acer Predator Triton 500 PT515-51-703D. It’s a nice gaming notebook, when it works. After the short time of almost 2 years, the problems started to pile up. Even with proper handling and regular cleaning, the performance startet to decline, which let me to the decision to also put Ubuntu on there too.
  • A 15″ MacBook Pro (2018) which I use for work and personal programming projects. The performance is great and the locked eco-system can be opened with a few tweaks and apps like iTerm, Homebrew and the like. It takes some time to get used to it, but I really love Coding on it. The I/O ports are a bit lackluster, 4x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C and 1x 3.5mm Headphone Jack (I exclusively Bluetooth Headphones since 2015…).
  • My also self-built Home-Server “Skynet”, which usually gets the “old” parts from my gaming PC as long they are not broken. Currently it runs GitLab, a Plex Server, a Nextcloud Instance and a Lychee for photo storage.

Phones & Tablets

  • A OnePlus 7 with 128GB of storage. The best Android experience I ever had (starting with the OnePlus 5T), close to Stock, combined with lots of useful extra features and customization, and beefy battery to get me through the day.
  • The Galaxy Tab S5e, my first tablet ever. It has a good internals, a great 2K-ish display, and with the keyboard cover, a bluetooth mouse and in Dex mode the experience is pretty close to a small touch notebook (Obviously less powerful). It’s great to watch movies and series on the go, in the bathtub or just in the bed.


  • The first-gen Apple AirPods, but in a Gen 2 case, since the original case died at some point (too heavy usage I guess). “Why AirPods?”, you may think. Because those are the only Bluetooth Earbuds that stay in my ear reliably, other earbuds just fall out when they want to, I also tested several of them and several tips. The sound quality is good for the small size, but not overwhelming and also has no ANC.
  • For the better (or rather best) audio experience the Sony WH-1000XM4. The sound quality is amazing, also not only confirmed by me, but friends who work in the audio business. I mean like, incredibly good. The proprietary Sony codec called LDAC is there for a reason, and the iOS/Android App allows a lot of customization for e.g. the adaptive noise cancelling, an equalizer and a lot more. I can wear them all day, especially when working from home, to stop distractions getting to me.
  • The Galaxy Watch (46mm). It’s my second Smartwatch, but I have a very good experience with it, It works reliably and the battery lasts for a work week normally. It lasts even longer to “just” show the time. It automatically tracks steps and recognizes workouts like biking.

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