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IDEs & Editors

I used all the IDEs and editors listed here for an extended period of time at one point.

PhpStorm (active)

It’s basically the same as IntelliJ IDEA, but optimized and "reduced" for PHP. It has its custom shortcuts, which were a bit tricky to learn at the beginning, but now I feel pretty confident with it.

Visual Studio Code (active)

Code was always neat and clean, right from the beginning. And Microsoft managed it to make it extremely powerful but still lightweight. It replaced Notepad++ as my editor for websites before IntelliJ, and now even IntelliJ itself, as I can debug my Flask or Angular or Java applications directly from it. It has fully replaced Notepad++ as a quick editor for anything on all my systems. It has syntax highlighting for most programming languages out of the box, which makes it perfect for fixing code blocks on sites like Stack Overflow. And the possibilities are nigh endless. Remote Debugging? There’s a plugin for that. FTP upload? There’s a plugin for that. SCSS formatting help? I think you got it now…

IntelliJ IDEA

At one point I recognized that IntelliJ combines the powers of both PhpStorm and PyCharm with minimal drawbacks. Java, HTML, CSS and JS is supported out of the box and support for PHP and Python (and other languages) can be added through official plugins. Because of it’s power it was my go-to IDE and I used it on a daily basis, but eventually, the simplicity of VS Code was more to my preference.


Notepad++ is for sure the most versatile editor one can have. But it lacks powerful features like proper syntax completion and built-in debugging support. I only used it over Visual Studio Code for a long time for its superior search & replace functionality and because VS Code had no proper graphical settings menu for a long time (only had the settings.json file to edit). But in the end VS Code got a settings GUI and a search & replace function that is as good.

Other IDEs/editors

Over the years I used other IDEs and editors like Eclipse, Netbeans, Atom or Sublime text, but none of them long enough to be able to give a proper evaluation.

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