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I use these mods to play GTA V, or better said an expansion called Los Santos Police Department: First Response, or short LSPDFR, which allows you to play the game as a police officer and handle callouts and fight crime. In my opinion, this is one of the best options if you want to play a police game. These mods are ordered in an alphabetical order, and it’s crucial to install the base mods first.

Base mods

LSPD First Response
RAGE Plugin Hook

Install Rage Plugin Hook after installing LSPDFR, as the version distributed with it is outdated and doesn’t support the latest game version therefore

Script Hook V

Other mods

Arrest Manager
Assorted Callouts
Automatic Roadblocks
Basic Vehicle Actions
Better EMS
Better Police Weapon Loadouts
Calm AI
Code Red Callouts
Cop Holster
Emergency Lighting System
Emergency uniforms pack
EUP Menu
Improved Spotlight and LED
Lighting Bug Fix
LPCallouts – Script Modifications & Plugins
Modern Siren Pack
Persistent Weapon Flashlight
Player Location Display
Police Search
Police SmartRadio
Real Time Sync Reborn
Simple Trainer
Taser & Pistol Sound
Traffic Policer

Car packs (not required, but recommended):

[ELS] SAHP Pack 1.1.0

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