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Disable Windows 10 updates completely

Microsoft decided that they want to annoy you by forcing you to install updates as they keep your device secure. That may be true, but I like to install my updates when I want to. To be fair, it got a lot better in the last years. I don’t like when Windows is interrupting and telling me: “Hey, we got updates for your PC!”. Luckily, there’s a pretty simple way to disable the updates with a little trick.

Important note: If you disable the Windows Update Service, you’ll also be no longer be able to install or update UWP apps from the Microsoft Store, since those apparently use the Windows Update functionality. If you want to update or edit UWP apps, you need to temporarily enable the service again.

Furthermore, you increase the risk of missing out security updates which may lead to infections by malware, viruses and the like. I take no responsibility for any damage to your system!

Open the Services management:

Then search for the entry called “Windows Update” and double-click it to open:

In the popup that just opened, stop the service and change it’s startup type to “disabled”. Finally hit Apply to save your settings:

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