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Breath of the Wild Tips & Tricks

This is a collection of useful tips & tricks I found while playing Breath of the Wild and it’s two expansion packs (over 150 hours)

  • A good, farmable ressource for the Master Cycle Zero is Wood
  • You can farm wood in the small forest behind the Orni stable in the Hebra region.
  • Use bombs instead of axes. This process is slower, but needs no weapons and yields the same amount of wood (Amount is randomized)
  • Use a 30-minute Level 3 Defense Potion before starting a Trail of the Sword Run
  • Any potions duration can be extended to 30 minutes (the maximum length of a potion) with a dragon horn
  • You can farm Farodra horns using campfires (skip to morning)
  • You can’t max out both hearts and stamina with all 120 shrines. Unless you want to do Trials of the Sword, go with stamina
  • You can trade in heart and stamina containers at a black statue in Hateno to switch from stamina to hearts and vice-versa
  • Spend the money you have. I’ve cleared out my inventory in Kiltons shop and in villages, and could obtain the dark link outfit and 5000-ish rupees
  • Use Potions (Attack or defense) before engaging a fight with a Lynel
  • Clear the 4 Divine Beasts before fighting Ganon, the abilities and the damage that is inflicted to Ganon before the real fight starts (50% of his health) are superior
  • The Master Sword shoots light beams when you have full hearts and try to throw it away
  • Arrows shot with the antique bow fly straight and have no bullet drop
  • Antique arrows in the eye of a guardian (any type of them) kill them with a single shot.
  • Parrying guardian beams is a good practice for the final fight against Ganon
  • The Hylian shield can be obtained in Hyrule castle after a Stalinox fight
  • If the Hylian shield breaks, you can buy it again from a merchant in a town (which name I forgot, but you help building it by with wood)
  • To get trough the haunted forest, light a torch and follow the direction is which the flame is blown by the wind
  • Use the Shiekah slate’s sensor to find new shrines

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