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How can I use the content/Which licenses applies to the it and linked content?

You are free to use my content as long you are complying with the licenses for the individual conditions:

  • For content I wrote myself, the CC0 license applies.
  • For other cases, the license of the site, author or other copyright holder applies (For example the CC-BY SA 4.0 license for Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange sites)

Which programming languages and environments will be covered by you?

  • HTML 5
  • CSS (including SCSS)
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 4+
  • PHP 7+
  • Symfony 4.4+
  • Python 3+
  • Flask
  • MySQL
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux/Unix (mostly on the Ubuntu distributions)
  • C#
  • Windows Forms (with C#)
  • ASP.NET MVC and Razor
  • SQL Server/T-SQL
  • .NET Core
  • Java
  • Android
  • Batch/Powershell