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Welcome to my personal blog!
Here you’ll find knowledge and resources I found and use while programming, modding and playing video games and administrating servers at work, school or home. I also write some “normal” blog posts about me or topics I want to say my opinion, but the focus lies on programming.

The backlog has has grown huge (330-ish topics to cover) due to several reasons (job & personal). Additionally, I still need to convert posts from the classic pre-Wordpress 5 editor to Gutenberg-style, which will take quite a while.

My Plans for the first half of 2020

  • Convert all existing posts to Gutenberg
  • Merge my old solution of this kind, a OneNote Book (I don’t remember if that’s the correct terminology :D) to the blog
  • Keep the length of the “still-need-to-write-about-it”-Backlog the same and decrease it to at least 300

If you have questions about the blog, please check the FAQ.

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